Saturday, April 30, 2011

Orginazation at its best!

Finally! Well I don't think you ever truly have your craft room fully organized but this is where mine is at now and I love it. Well I took my time and advantage of the Michaels and JoAnn fabrics discounts, coupons and sales and "It's Alive"! Without further delay....drum roll please.. my pictures...
This is my Cricut station. I have a chair on either side of the table to work on my projects.
Above that is my stamp station. I am going to be moving them all into CD cases soon so they fit a
a little better. Also, I'll be getting a label maker soon and can mark what season or celebration
each area holds.

This is a close up of the stamp station. P.S. Thanks dad for giving this to me. It was his mail station.

This is my catch all station. On the very top are some canvas baskets for miscellaneous stuff.
The top shelf are for displaying some of my favorite cards.
The next shelf uses stackable bins for all kinds little things.
and the bottom is my ribbon spool holder. I am going to be getting rid of the spools and putting the
ribbon on clips (I'll show u) to make it easier to access.
See the binder clips on the end I am changing over to those so I don't have to unload the entire spool 
each time I need to use some ribbon. I hate cutting a piece bigger than I need just because I don't
want to take the whole spool off. Also, this prevents unraveling, of which my cats will not be happy with. 
This is the best part, These are some book shelves my uncle made. I love them because they are really heavy duty and can take a lot of weight, unlike a lot of that particle board stuff you get now. There are boxes for each type/color paper. The pink one hold all my Cuttlebug dies and embossing folders. The top hold my 12x24 paper, markers, some baskets and my Cuttlebug. The top shelves have all of my Cricut cartridges, my Gypsy, the Gypsy accessories and lots of embellishments. I picked up some little drawers at Target, those hold all of my adhesives, pop dots, small paper packs, rulers and envelopes.
The rest is a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

OH YEAH! My Stickles are held on this one with Velcro. I got that tip on You Tube, though I do not remember her name I am sorry.
Under the ribbon storage is some cubbies but they are a bit in disarray and that is where I keep my paper cutters, Like I said always a work in progress! I hope everyone enjoys!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monkey Card! Just Because

Ok I finally got my entire craft room all organized and it is fabulous! So I thought I'd make a card. This is using the create a critter cartridge. I put the monkey on a wobbler and attached the vine to him so when he is "hangin out" he is really swingin'. This is majority DCWV and Bazzil cardtock. Blank inside white card. This card turned out really really cute!! I hope everyone enjoys!!