Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm Baaack!!

Ok. So as I said initially I had to borrow my friends internet to get going on my blog. However, I now am up and fully running with my own connection and ready to go. I am going to challenge myself to make three cards a week or more. I bought a few new cartridges and I think I'm going to give em' a try and dust off a few of my oldie but goodies. I have been reading a few blogs on my cell phone, but will be back commenting now. Thanks to everyone who has been commenting in my absence! I am going to add a quick picture to this post of my favorite card that I made. I am a bit of a Christmas enthusiast and LOVE making Christmas, well... anything. This was a card I made before I had embellishments, pop dots, stickles etcetra. Hope everyone enjoys!! :)

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